3 Ideas for Easter

3 Ideas for Easter

Posted on 17. Mar, 2015 by in Events, Marketing

1. Never Double Up Big Days: Last year our church won a Facebook contest in which the prize was SkinnyDip Frozen Yogurt came to our church and provided free FroYo for everyone that Sunday.  The contest was held in late February and they offered to come any Sunday we wanted.  Often our temptation is to have them come on a big day like Easter.  But you don’t need FroYo to get people to come on Easter.  The real need is to get people to come back the week after Easter.  So we had the event the week after Easter.  The running question was what would more people show up for: hearing about Jesus rising from the grave or getting free FroYo?  Easter and the good news about Jesus’ resurrection won, but FroYo made a good showing and had a lot of return visitors from Easter.


2. Personal Invitation: I tell our church this every year, Easter is the easiest Sunday of the year to invite someone to church.  It’s a cultural tradition for Americans, even non-Christians to go to church on Easter.  This is a great time to provide invitation cards for the Easter service.  We place 3 on every seat in the sanctuary so everyone has them to take with them.  I tell them to give them pray about three people and then give them the card.  If all else fails, find three public bathrooms to leave them in.  Whatever you do, don’t leave them in your pocket.

3. Egg Hunts & Drops: Several of my church planting friends have had great success in doing egg drops from helicopters.  They make a big event out of it the day before Easter and get news media coverage for it.  We’ve never had a facility that would justify that kind of promotion.  Instead we’ve had Easter egg hunts in neighborhood parks leading up to Easter to give us an opportunity to invite people to church.  We’ve also done Easter egg hunts after church in front of where we meet.  It makes for great pictures that people then post on social media.

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