5 Apps Every Church Planter Should Have

5 Apps Every Church Planter Should Have

Posted on 10. Mar, 2015 by in Technology

google docs appGoogle Docs (Free): Staff Meetings App

We use Google Docs for our staff meeting agenda/notes.  It’s a free app and service.  The App works in conjunction with the Google Docs service that you can access on your laptop.  When we have staff meeting everyone logs on to the Staff Meeting Doc on their computer.   It updates in real time so everyone can contribute.  If you need to add something to the agenda, you can do it without interrupting the meeting, just add it to the bottom of the document.  The text that will be in the bulletin and our weekly email newsletter is on this document as well.  This way everyone can see and contribute to make sure the information and the wording is correct.  When staff members are out of town, they can log into the Google Docs App and make edits before the meeting to stuff that pertains to their area of ministry, they can follow along with the meeting when it’s going on, or check the document later to see what came up in the meeting.  When someone can’t be at the meeting, we have them put their input in a different color so we all know what they contributed.

overdrive  Overdrive (Free): Learning App

Most public libraries have an account with Overdrive.  All you need is a library card and you’re ready to go.  You can search and checkout books from the App with your library card information and then it downloads the book to your phone or iPad.  Our public library has some great eBooks and Audiobooks available to check out.  Some of my recent selections have been: Malcon Gladwell’s David & Goliath, Seth Godin’s Tribes, Lee Strobel’s Case for Creator, Bill Hybles’ Axiom, Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.  There’s a ton of great resources out there for free.  Normally you get 21 days to read or listen, but you can also renew it for another 21 days.


Swift Player ($3.99): Audio/Video App

I listen to a lot of materials: books, sermons, videos like TEDtalks, and more.  Swift player lets you adjust the playback speed (up to 3x) of all the audio or video content on your phone or any content you find on the internet.  I’ve used if for watching/listening to YouTube, TEDtalks, and Dropbox.  Listening to a 20 minute TEDtalk in 10 minutes is nice, especially if you’re wanting to skim the content.



Newsify (Free):  Blog Aggregator Magazine

This uses the content from your Feedly account to create a custom magazine style layout of your favorite blogs.  First you need to go to Feedly.com and create an account.  Next add your favorite blogs or anything with an RSS feed to your Feedly account.  Now, when you want to see what’s been added to your favorite blogs or news sites, it’s all there for you in Newsify in a nice layout.  For some ideas of blogs to follow check out Church Relevance’s list of top 300 Christian Blogs.  This is how I stay current with the latest ideas.  Be sure to include this site as well since I hooked you up with the idea.

weatherWeather (Free): Weather App (duh)

This may seem like an odd addition to this list, but it has to be listed on here.  The 10-Day forecast is a must have.  We are always checking this to make sure we are prepared for what’s coming: snow, rain, heavy winds, etc.  We set up a welcome tent outside our facility and knowing what the weather is going to be is crucial.  It allows us to send emails to volunteers about what we’re planning because of upcoming weather conditions.  Volunteers don’t usually think about the weather for Sunday until they look outside on Sunday morning and panic about what the gloomy weather means for them.  If they got an email on Friday letting them know that due to freezing temperatures we’re moving things inside… it takes the anxiety off their minds when they see that it’s freezing outside on Sunday morning.

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