Curb Appeal & Signs

Curb Appeal & Signs

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Being a church plant has its advantages. One of them is that you can have great curb appeal on a limited budget. When you’re renting space chances are the landlord, school, or movie theater has already done their part in keeping the outside of the facility looking nice. If they haven’t talk to them and see if they will do it or partner with them supplying the labor if they will pay for the the materials (plants, paint, etc.) Normally though, to get great curb appeal all you have to do is add some signs.

If you are in a good location with lots of drive by traffic, you have the opportunity to pick up at least 7-15 visitors a week just based on your curb appeal. The goal is to be impossible to miss without being gaudy or tacky. If you do this well, then everyone in town will know that your church exists and where you meet. It’s great for building up name recognition. Whenever I mention my church to someone they almost always say, “Oh I know that church, you meet over at the school and have the green and black signs.”

Tools for Great Curb Appeal

Banner: I’ve seen churches use all sizes. The minimum size I’d recommend is 4’x4′. Most cities have an ordinance against having signs that are bigger than 4’x8′. Before you buy anything bigger than 4’x8′ go online and check out your city’s zoning laws.  Check back later for more on banner design.

Feather Flags: These are one of the best investments we made when launching our church. They are modern looking, classy, and hard to miss when driving by them. They also are great for when we have special events like block parties, church at the beach, or parades. They stand about 12′ high and are about 2′ wide.  We have six of them and use them to line the entry way to the school where we meet on the weekends.

Yard Signs: We use these to direct traffic to the parking area and to the entrance to the facility. We want people to know where the best place to park is since the school lot is so big. Also, there’s multiple entrances to the school and we want people to know where the main entrance is. This way they enter the building where we have everything set up to greet and welcome them in to the church.

Cover Signs: Depending on where you meet, you might want to cover up the sign of the place you are meeting at if possible. Often their perminant sign is in the best spot to have a sign. At the school we meet at they have two signs. One is out on the street. We don’t mess with that one since putting up our banner right next to it works just fine. But the school has another sign that sits right were the main entrance road forks. It’s a prime spot. We put a banner over that sign that welcomes people to the church and tells them where to park and where to enter. Be sure to ask permission if you are going to temporarily cover up someone’s sign.

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