The Bridge Church Visit

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Date Visited: March 22, 2015

Size: 50-75

Location: Hampton, VA (Bryan Elementary School)


Pros: Being in a elementary school makes for a clear and direct entrance with few directional signs. Upon entering the building you are hit with a pop of color and personal branding.  The children’s area is in a hallway and yet the team does an excellent job of transforming the space. This is an excellent church for those who want to get in on the ground floor as it is less than 6-months old. The church is inviting, non-intimidating, and authentic.  Pastor Edwin brings a solid Gospel message.

Challenges: Although there are street signs, the street itself presents a challenge with all the light poles, trees, shrubs, etc. the signs compete with.  The elementary school has limited space as classrooms are not available to rent, so all activities are restricted to minimal hallway space. Additionally, the school is so highly personalized it is difficult to cover all the personalization without pipe and drape on every wall.


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