Where To Get Stuff

Where To Get Stuff

Posted on 06. Feb, 2009 by in Save Money

Looking for a good deal?  Of course, otherwise you wouldn’t be a church planter.  The following online retailers are known for having the best prices on things that church planters often are in the market for.  Please use the comments form below if you have some other retailers that have good deals that you would recommend to other church planters.   These are not paid advertisements. Thoroughly investigate each retailer yourself, ChurchesPlantingChurches.com and the SBCV are not endorsing these retailers or making any claims as to the quality or reliability of these retailers.

Banners & Signs

BigPosters.com Great Price on 33″x78″ Retractable Banners as of 2/6/09

Just4Banners.com Ridiculously low prices on all sizes of banners both text and full color

Outreach.com Much more expensive, but they offer pre-designed banners, if you don’t have anyone who can do graphics, this may be one of your only options.

t3SignDesign.com Good price on 10′ feather flags.  These can really enhance your street front on Sunday mornings and are great for church plants that do a lot of community events and block parties.

CustomSignBanner.com Great deal on corrugated plastic yard signs like the ones politicians use during election time.

Printing (Biz Cards, Post Cards, Door Hangers, Sticky Notes, etc.)

GotPrint.com Ridiculously low prices, especially business cards/invite cards – full color, glossy print, both sides, including rounded corners.

VistaPrint.com Good deal on all kinds of printing (biz cards, sticky notes, magnets, post cards, etc).  Here’s what you need to know.  Step 1: Sign up for their mailing list.  In order to get a good deal you must sign up for their mailing list.  They will send you about 3-7 emails a week for the rest of your life so you might want to use an email account that you only check when you want to check for deals.  (Gmail offers an unlimited number of free email accounts.  Set up a Gmailaccount just for companies like this that want email you special offers.  This way you only have to check it when you want to buy something and it doesn’t clutter up your main email account.)  Step 2:Go to VistaPrint and fill your shopping cart with all the things you want to purchase.  There’s always a bunch of things they will give you for free.  Just navigate your way through making sure you stay in the free zone for that stuff or know what it will cost to customize it a little.  Step 3:Check the emails that VistaPrint has sent you over the past few months.  There is a link at the top that says “my account”.  Click on that and then go to your shopping cart.  Depending on what offer they sent you in that email you will notice that the price in your shopping cart will change each time you access it from a different email.  The price for one order can vary from $14 to $140 dollars depending on which email you access your shopping cart from.  Try as many emails as you want to look for the best price.  Tip #1: Normally the best price offer is 80% off, look for that one and compare from there.  Tip #2: They usually offer free shipping & handling on orders over $50.  If your total with shipping is anywhere near $50, you might as well load up a few more goodies and get the free shipping for the same price.

OvernightPrints.com Good price on glossy biz cards with rounded corners.  They look really smooth and can make your invite card stand out.

48HourPrint.com Yep, they will get you your stuff in 48 hours.  Decent prices, good quality, super fast.

MissionPrint.com Christian printing company.  In addition to custom printing they also have a few designs that go along with popular campaigns like 40 Days of Purpose.

Print24.com Ordered 2500 full color front and back 1/2 page fliers for $120 including shipping

Design & Direct Mail

Outreach.com Once again, if you don’t have a graphics person you can turn to, Outreach.com has pre-designed stuff.

Truthadvertising.org I don’t know what they cost, but I know people who have used them and been happy with their work. They do demographic mailers, zip code mailers, etc. Their designs look really good for a production house place.

Church Marketing Lab This is a great place to get ideas from other designers. Also its a great place to find a freelance designer. Just post a discussion comment asking if anyone is interested in your project. Then you can look at their portfolio of work to see if they would be a good match for what you need.

CrowdSpring.com If you need something like a logo or something else really important designed, you can hold a design contest. Post a contest reward amount (minimum $150) and artists from around the world will participate in the contest to win your approval. It’s the best deal out there for getting a logo designed.

Promotional Materials

When you find a promotional item you are interested in on one of these sites, do a google search for that item and see if there are any better offers.  Often another company that is normally more expensive will be running a sale for something you want.  These are a few places to start looking for items.

ThePenGuy.com Best deal on pens.  If you’re going to give out pens you want to make sure they actually write.  There are a lot of off-brand pens that are super cheap but unless you use them all within a week or so, the ink drys out.  This site has Bic Clic Stic that you can put your logo on for $.33 a piece and Bic Round Stics for $.24 a piece.  Pay any less than that for an off brand pen and you’re rolling the dice on quality.

Branders.com This is one of many sites that has everything from key chains to coffee mugs.  Things like this can make for nice gifts to give first time guests, volunteer appreciation, and community outreach events.

4AllPromos.com Another site offering promo materials at good prices.


For orders of less than 100 shirts, most of the time local merchants will be better since you can save on shipping costs.

BargainTees.com Super cheap prices on T-Shirts.  Prices start at $2.96 per shirt for one color, one sided white T-Shirts (minimum order is 96 shirts).

LogoDogzPrintz.com Really good prices on shirts with about a 1-2 week turn around time. Great place for orders under 100 shirts. Their prices are comparable to Bargain Tees for the bigger orders. Get quotes from both for big orders.

Audio, Video, & Lighting Equipment

Shop around long and hard.  This is one of the areas where you can find really good deals if you look around.  When you find a product you are interested in, do a Google search for that product’s item number or exact name.  You can almost always find it cheaper than the first place you find it.  Before purchasing from an unknown retailer that sell electronic equipment, type the company’s name followed by the word “review” and/or scam.  People who are victims of shady online retailers have gone out of their way to warn you.  If possible, read several reviews and then make a decision on whether or not to deal with the online store.

Craigslist.com This is an online classifieds.  Navigate your way to your local area and then search for what you are looking for.  Most of the equipment on Craigslist is used gear.  You can contact the local seller (normally a person not a store) and ask about the gear advertised and then go look at in person.  This is the kind of place that a garage band goes to sell their sound board, speakers, and lighting system when the band breaks up because the lead singer got a girlfriend who doesn’t allow him to hang out with the band any longer.  Before you buy on Craigslist look up what is advertised and know how much it costs new.  Then make a decision on what you think it’s worth after seeing it in person and testing it out.  You can find some amazing deals.  Also, if you’re going on a road trip to another city you can check the Craigslist for that city to see if there are any good deals there.  Then you can set up a time to meet someone whose selling stuff in that city when you’re on your trip.

Interrior Decor & Equipment

LinenTablecloth.com Great prices on table cloths, including fitted table cloths for 6′ and 8′ utility tables.  Some of these prices are cheaper than buying the fabric and making it yourself.

Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Costco Good place to buy 4′, 6′, 8′ utility tables, foam flooring for kids rooms, cups, plates, coffee, and cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

ecmdStore.cm Children’s room equipment like Children’s Factory play panels

Busy-Kids.com Might have the best price on play panels.


Acts 1:8 Websites.com Get a customized great looking website up and running for around $250. The websites are run on the WordPress platform and have all the bells and whistles churches want on a website: sermon browser, Podcasting, event calendar, photo gallery, video plugins, and more.

Feedback & Suggestions

We’d love to hear about the good deals you’ve found and businesses that you would recommend to other church planters.  Take a moment and share with the church planting community where you go to get stuff for your church plant by leaving a comment below. Come on, help a brother out!

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Great stuff!! Wish I had seen some of this BEFORE I did all the research! Some other ideas that might come in handy are . . .

1. Contact larger churches near you who may have equipment they are getting rid of to upgrade.
2. See if any of your core team has connections or contacts for any items you may need.
3. I created our website on wix.com — very user friendly and looks pretty good for free —- it can keep you until you get settled and afford more
4. Some decor items can be found at yard sales (for those who have a good eye) and even offbeat stores like Ross, Marshall’s, etc. Paint and coroplast are the best for decor design ideas at little cost.


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