You’re not a church….yet (part 2 of 2)

You’re not a church….yet (part 2 of 2)

Posted on 16. Feb, 2011 by in Launch, Leadership

When you’re planting a church, there’s a temptation to call yourself a church too soon. Everyone knows what a church is.  Everyone also has their own definition of what a church is. Chances are, what you have in the early stages of church planting looks nothing like anyone’s definition of a church. Which means that when you tell people you’re a church, you might have unknowingly misled someone and created expectations you can’t meet.

So what do you call yourself? How about a “Pre-Church”. Instead of calling your group “Pathways Church” when it’s a collection of 15-30 people meeting in a home, call it “Pathways Pre-Church”. The name better communicates who you are at that point. It’s also likely to make someone ask you, “What’s a Pre-Church?” That will give you an opportunity to cast vision, define who you are, and set expectations you can meet.

Further, it keeps the core group you are gathering continually aware of the fact that you haven’t arrived; that you’re working towards something. Many core groups loose site of the fact that they’re supposed to be working towards becoming a church. Since you’ve been calling them a church, they think they’re a church. They start enjoying the intimacy of the small group and don’t feel the need to become a actual church. So call it what it is, a pre-church. Then continue to cast vision for the day whey you become a church.

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